Woodbury is Scary

Rather than post a review of another great episode of Sunday’s The Walking Dead, I’m just going to state my theory on something: The Governor seemed a bit obsessed with Milton’s tea.  My theory is that Milton and the Gov are doing something to the tea with those floating heads in the Gov’s secret room.  Maybe trying to come up with a way to fight off zombieism by ingesting zombie fluids?  Kind of like the antivenom for a snake bite is venom.  Just a thought.  The Gov was so appreciative of Milton’s tea and he also looked at Andrea a bit oddly when she took a sip.  Most likely it’s absolutely nothing, but, a thought none the less.

Hope everyone else is enjoying this season of The Walking Dead as much as I am.  They came out swinging and haven’t stopped, even in an episode that didn’t feature the Grimes gang.

Reading can be “A Dirty Job”

I had to travel for work this past week which has put me behind in my tv viewing for about the next two weeks.  Travel also caused a mini hiatus to the “daily” opine (don’t post daily, but at least try every few days).  Since I’m of the mind that any of my posts about tv should be done in a timely manner and I’m behind right now, I’m going with a different entertainment medium – books.   Books I love, in particular.  I do a fair amount of reading, not a “promiscuous reader” (per Michael Chabon), but a reader who always has a stack of books at the ready.  I tend more towards fiction horror, fiction literature, some YA, and fiction humor, but will read anything that I think would be interesting.

So, what book would I recommend to someone?  One that pops into mind is A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore .  Moore is an author with a quick wit and a bit of a twisted mind mixed with some humor.   He has several excellent books and A Dirty Job is my favorite.  The main character of the book, Charlie Asher, is a “normal” guy.  Not a leader but not quite a follower – more of a middle of the road kind of dude.  Charlie owns a second-hand store and his wife is expecting their first child.  Shortly after giving birth, his wife passes away which changes Charlie’s life in so many ways.  People start dying all around Charlie and he starts to belive he’s the grim reaper.  Charlie’s employees of the store play great sidekicks and bring additional twisted humor to the book.

I was surprised how attached I become to the character by the end of the book and had that “I’m happy I’m done but I really miss this book already” feeling once I finished.  I think that’s a great hallmark of a book – how attached you become to it and how you feel just a bit empty when reaching the end since this character is no longer in your life. Some characters make appearances in Moore’s trilogy of Blood Sucking Fiends, You Suck, and Bite Me, but you don’t really have to read those three before this one (please do though, all are fun reads as well!).

So, if you like some twisted humor with your fiction, I highly recommend this book.  Many more “books I love” reviews to come.  Hope to find some more great books out there by hearing from others and looking forward to many more great reads.

T.V. Premiere Season Bliss (spoilers)

Thursday started a full season of tv bliss for a self-proclaimed tv junkie.  The Big Bang Theory, Vampire Diaries, Project RunwayGrimm, Bedlam, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, plus Bravo’s reality shows (yes I’m addicted to those shows as well) and some others I’m sure I’m missing.

My Thursday started out with the Big Bang Theory (last week was the premiere) with Amy being worried about Sheldon’s new assistant (really Amy?).  For fans of BBT, we know that Amy has nothing to worry.  Penny however, may have a different story.  The Big Bang is a great show to watch for laughs and entertainment.  Sheldon is my favorite but every character on the show is great.  Then it was on to Vampire Diaries and Elena’s “change.”  For those who read the books last season’s cliff hanger wasn’t too much of a surprise (we knew it would happen eventually).  I did think her change was a little bit dragged out and too dramatic, but what else should I have expected from Elena?  Caroline was initially happy when she thought Tyler had returned, but Klaus managed to have a little surprise for her.  Bonnie struggled with wanting to help her friends but using magic that she shouldn’t be.   And Damon and Stephan fall into their usual roles of trying to save/help Elena.  Don’t get me wrong – I still enjoy Vamp Diaries, I was just a bit impatient with the premiere.  Over on Project Runway it was time to decide who wouldn’t be going to fashion week.  I still watch PR but since the switch to Lifetime, the designers don’t seem to be pushed enough.

Friday – thank Grimm it’s Friday!  I couldn’t agree more with NBC’s tag line for this show.  After a stress filled week of work, having Grimm to look forward to is exactly what is needed.  The episode started out with what seemed like Juliette finally remembering Nick, but it ended up just being a dream.  Grimm is one of my favorite shows.  An original, scripted show that has quality story lines and keeps the action going is rewarding to watch (from a tv junkie point of view).  The character development is well paced and makes sense.  This one show that I hope is on for quite some time.

Then tonight – Saturday – it’s Bedlam on BBC America.  This is another spooky show that is well done (its a British show, how can it not be?).  This is the second season of the show on BBC-A and it was a good premiere last week.  Hoping they can explain a little more about Jed’s connection with Ellie

Sunday night is the long anticipated third season of The Walking Dead.  I haven’t read the comic books but I understand the prison is something fans have been waiting for.  After the long, drawn out time on Herschel’s farm last season, I’m hoping the prison is full of action and great zombie kills that were missing from last season.

Then this Wednesday is the 2nd season premiere of American Horror Story.  Last season FX did a superb job with AHS.  The fact that AHS is a stand alone story makes it easy for new viewers to hop on board – no catching up on what happened before.  The previews for AHS have looked wonderfully disturbing and I think I’ll have to DVR it and watch during the day.

So many shows to watch and so little time.  I hope fellow tv junkies have enjoyed the premieres of their shows.  Happy t.v. viewing to all!

Vet visit

Took Otis (sometime guest dog blogger on thedailyopine) to the vet tonight and found out he has Spondylosis –  a degenerative condition in his spine.  He’s Okay and should be for quite some time, however, it will eventually get worse and will progress to the point where Otis won’t be able to walk.  These damn dogs – just break your heart and they don’t even know it.  Otis is 2 and a half, which the vet said is rather young to be having this, and it’s not really breed specific.  He is a bigger dog, which does makes him prone to more things.  Have to say I was a bit surprised.  Otis has the start of arthritis and I thought it would have been something more to do with his legs then his spine.

Our first dog and the inspiration for this blog, Bubba, had succumbed to an aggressive form of spleen cancer in 2009.  Bubba’s cancer came quick and fast and, given the progression of the cancer to his blood cells and heart, we decided to end his suffering.  That was such a hard time – it was right before Christmas and I cried every day for a month straight.  It took about 3 or 4 months before I emerged from what I believe was a mild depression.  Yes, I know Bubba was just a dog, but I was super attached to him and he was my big ol’ baby.  It is so easy to love a dog and so hard when they have to leave your life.  They can’t talk or tell you what is wrong but they are right by your side whenever you need them to be.

I’m hoping Otis’ future is a long one, even if it means he has some trouble getting around when he gets a little older.  Plan to have some swimming and possibly acupuncture in his future.  Dogs aren’t for everyone, but they are a big part of my live and I can’t imagine living without one. Here’s to hoping Otis has many guest blogger appearances and that he keeps on living life in his usual way – obviously happy.

Unforeseen change

David Bowie said it best: “I still don’t know what I was waiting for, And my time was running wild, A million dead-end streets, Every time I thought I’d got it made, It seemed the taste was not so sweet… Time may change me, but I can’t trace time” Sept. 28th was the last day of the existence of the department I had been part of for the past 8 years. Leadership had decided that the best route for future direction would be to outsource the firm wide department. Needless to say, everyone was shocked. Two months after the initial announcement, I had a different position with the same company and was fortunate enough to have avoided being part of the outsourcing. Not the same for my co-workers. Most applied for and were offered jobs with outsourcing firm, a job yes, but belive me, not the best job offer. Others chose a different direction that suited them much better.

Regardless of the path that someone takes, it’s always hard to deal with change that you have no control over. Being told your department won’t be part of the company anymore can be life-changing. How one deals with the change is the most important thing. I can say everyone that was affected by this change, dealt with it in the best way possible. After the shock wore off, everyone thought of what they needed to do that was best for them and moved on. For me, it meant leaving my department and taking on a new role. This change was good for me – I had been thinking about looking for something different, I just hadn’t wanted it to be because someone else had pushed me in that direction.

The first time I recall an unforeseen change happening to me was during the summer right before my senior year in high school. My family had to leave our home in the suburbs and move out to a house in the country. I remember not being happy about this at all. I packed up my room about two days before we had to be out of our house and I was so angry. Being 17, I was a bit self-centered and couldn’t accept the change very easily. My senior year was very hard – a senior class of about 40 people who had known each other all their lives. And here I come, the girl from the city who looked and dressed different. Thankfully, most of the people I met were friendly and welcoming. I eventually adjusted, but didn’t stay in the country for long – moving back to the city about a year and a half after hs graduation.

This most recent change was just as abrupt as my senior year high school move. However, I dealt with it much better this time around. Yes, I was still shocked and angry, but I knew I couldn’t let the anger drive me this time. I hope others out there who had to deal with unforeseen change can find a way to make it work for them as well. It may offer a better opportunity or just a chance to learn about yourself and how you deal with things. David Bowie has made a career of change – I can only hope I’m as successful in my career of change as well.