Grimmtastic Friday

“Thank Grimm it’s Friday”  That’s NBC’s tag line for the awesome show Grimm.  Nick Burkhardt is a Portland detective who comes to find out his family has a history of protecting civilization from the various forms of Wesen (the various creatures that Grimm’s have been responsible for killing over the centuries).  Grimm takes its storylines from the Grimm Brothers’ Fairy Tales.

This week’s episode was another excellent one in a so far superb second season.  Nick is struggling to live with his girlfriend, Juliette, who has no memory of him after she awakes from a spell induced coma.  While at work Nick and Hank (Nick’s partner) have to find a missing girl who Nick is certain a Wesen is responsible for kidnapping.  Meanwhile, Juliette and Nick’s boss, Captain Renard, seem to be fighting an attraction to one another.  We find out what the deal is with that seemingly bumbling intern – he’s not the guy he wants to be – and if there really is another Grimm in Portland.  Monroe, Nick’s Wesen blutbot buddy, plays a supporting role again this episode, but any Monroe screen time is well worth it.  Hopefully Monroe will get some better storylines once his girlfriend returns from a visit to a sick aunt.

Grimm is a throughly entertaining show – no it’s not perfect and yes sometimes it would be nice to see more of a connection with Nick and the weekly cases – but it’s a show well worth watching.  Thank Grimm it’s Friday couldn’t be more true.