8 week reading Challenge – The End

Last day of my 8 week reading challenge and I was not completely successful.  I’m reading book four right now with about 175 pages to go.  Sadly, I don’t think I’ll be able to finish it tonight.  I managed to complete three books, read 1/2 of one and am almost done with another.  So, if I count today’s book (kind of cheating, I know) I’ll have read four and a half out of eight.

Although I did not complete my goal of reading all eight, I am happy to have gotten through half of my pile (almost).  As stated in a previous post, the book that tripped me up was The Passage.  I was really intent on finishing it but the book started to drag and I stuck with just a bit too long.  I’ve set The Passage aside for now and will go back to finish it, even though I’m not really looking forward to it.

So, what can I take away from this challenge?  The first thing would be that I set a goal for myself.  I’m not a goal setter for whatever reason, but having something constructive to do during my break from school (other than work) was a fun thing to do.  Second thing would be that I love reading and never plan on stopping.  I’ve added to my “to read” pile during these eight weeks and have at least five additional books to read.  This will be all that much harder now that the spring semester has started and I have to set time aside for school reading and other homework  as well as my fulltime job.  The final thing would be that I really enjoyed updating my progress (or the lack thereof) here on this blog.  I think it’s a great way to get thoughts out and I was sometimes inspired to read right after I posted something.

Thanks to those who have read, liked, or commented.  I’ve found a few other great blogs to follow while doing this challenge and hope to find more as I find other things to post about.  Hope other challenges out there are going good and look forward to reading about them (or just catching up on those I follow or finding new ones).


The Following – worth following?

Last night (1/21/13) Fox debut a new t.v. showed called The Following.  The show is about a former FBI agent Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) who is called back to work the case of the killer Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) he captured in 2003 and who has recently escaped.  The premise of the series is Joe Carroll has built a cult following of fellow serial killers who communicate and connect with each other to commit gruesome murders.  An interesting spin on the serial killer plot line.

I have to say that the first episode did a really good job of drawing me in and keeping the suspense going.  I was appalled at the ways the first victim met their end – which is a good thing to say when talking about a crime series.  Joe Carroll is a former teacher who is obsessed with Edgar Allen Poe and this obsession played out with the murders that put him into prison to begin with, as well as the murders that will happen after his escape.

As with all t.v. shows, there are few things that could be better – the female FBI agent seems like she’s trying too hard and the other FBI agent seems suspiciously suspect (maybe I’m just seeing a connection that’s not there).  Overall, I would say this was worthy first episode and look forward to seeing how the series plays out.  The Following has at least one follower so far.

Reading Challenge – One week left

Seven weeks down and I’ve just completed my third book.  A rather disappointing status for my 8 week, 8 books challenge.  I finished reading Mossad, which is about the Israeli secret service.  I am endlessly fascinated about intelligence operations, whether good or bad, and found this book to be well researched and a little shocking at times.  I can’t help but be drawn into the stories of how covert operations are planned out and put into action.  This book highlights some of the more well-known operations of Mossad over the past sixty years.  I try not to look at covert operations from a political view – I just like to read about how they are planned and the consequences of the actions of all involved.  I think it’s good to know about what is happening out in the world and the lengths people will go to for their country.
So – one week left and four books yet to read (well, 3.5 actually).  encouraging thought is that I have this week off from work and plan on reading at least one more before week’s end.  The discouraging thought is that I start-up school again at the end of the week and will have so much other reading to do besides for my ever-growing pile of “to read” books.  The one book that tripped me up is The Passage by Justin Cronin.  I thought the book started out good but then, for me, it started to get sluggish.  I was confused at times about what was going on and felt there isn’t much background given.  The author seems to start writing about something different and it takes me a long time to determine who the person is and what their connection is.  Needless to say, I’ve placed this book aside after getting about halfway through and will leave it to be the last one.

My hope is to succeed in my challenge but know that realistically success may not be possible.  Hope all out there have a good week and happy reading!

New Year Post

It’s a new year and I’m a few weeks into my reading challenge and sadly, I’m behind. I think all my favorite T.V. shows being on breaks has had the reverse effect and I’m reading less. I tend to read a book during the commercials and since many shows aren’t on right now, I’m not feeling compelled to read. I did get sucked into a 24 marathon, which was awesome yet stifling at the same time since it was on for three days in a row and ran without commercials! At least I’ve got a few more weeks left in my challenge. I’ve had to set one book aside and start-up another since the one I set aside wasn’t going as good as I hoped.

I hope everyone out there had good and festive holidays. I’m not one to make resolutions so here is what I’m looking forward to in 2013 –
completing the 8 week reading challenge
Trying to post more frequently
Reading more blogs and trying to comment on the ones I like – there are so many out there!
A night with the cast of The Walking Dead (in February – can’t wait to go to that!)
The return of all my favorite T.V. shows (please, please, let the wait be over soon)

Happy 2013 to everyone and thanks to those who have liked and/or followed me. It’s such a great feeling when someone enjoys what I’ve posted and I love to check out other blogs and find new ones to follow.