8 week reading Challenge – The End

Last day of my 8 week reading challenge and I was not completely successful.  I’m reading book four right now with about 175 pages to go.  Sadly, I don’t think I’ll be able to finish it tonight.  I managed to complete three books, read 1/2 of one and am almost done with another.  So, if I count today’s book (kind of cheating, I know) I’ll have read four and a half out of eight.

Although I did not complete my goal of reading all eight, I am happy to have gotten through half of my pile (almost).  As stated in a previous post, the book that tripped me up was The Passage.  I was really intent on finishing it but the book started to drag and I stuck with just a bit too long.  I’ve set The Passage aside for now and will go back to finish it, even though I’m not really looking forward to it.

So, what can I take away from this challenge?  The first thing would be that I set a goal for myself.  I’m not a goal setter for whatever reason, but having something constructive to do during my break from school (other than work) was a fun thing to do.  Second thing would be that I love reading and never plan on stopping.  I’ve added to my “to read” pile during these eight weeks and have at least five additional books to read.  This will be all that much harder now that the spring semester has started and I have to set time aside for school reading and other homework  as well as my fulltime job.  The final thing would be that I really enjoyed updating my progress (or the lack thereof) here on this blog.  I think it’s a great way to get thoughts out and I was sometimes inspired to read right after I posted something.

Thanks to those who have read, liked, or commented.  I’ve found a few other great blogs to follow while doing this challenge and hope to find more as I find other things to post about.  Hope other challenges out there are going good and look forward to reading about them (or just catching up on those I follow or finding new ones).



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