Procrastination blamed on reading

This weekend rather than work on my homework, I read two books from my pile of “to read” book pile.  My books were screaming out to me and I could not resist their forlorn cries of unread words.  The first book, read on Saturday, was Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn.  I had read Gone Girl and really enjoyed it so I thought I give her other books a try.  Sharp Objects was an enjoyable, easy read (took me one day), but a little predictable.  This was Flynn’s first novel and you can see how she made her way to Gone Girl.  Flynn’s character’s are certainly twisted and disturbed.  Good book for a quick read and does not require too much mental thought.

The second book, which I just finished (read in one day as well), was The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green.  I’ve read other reviews of this book and wholeheartedly agree – it is an incredible book.  It’s classified as a YA book but the subject matter is definitely not YA.  It’s a story of two teenagers with cancer (one has a terminal diagnosis) and what happens in their lives after they meet.  I found this book absolutely impossible to put down.  I loved the two main characters and thought the humor that was used throughout the book was witty.  This is one story that has you laughing one second and then crying the next.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who hasn’t read it.  The subject matter is a bit bleak – it’s about kids with cancer – but the story is told in such a lighthearted yet real manner that the book is not bleak to read.

So, now I have to ignore the cries of my pile of books (although it is so hard when they are screaming so loud!), stop my procrastination, and get on with my homework.  If only my school work cried out as loud as my pile of books.


2 responses to “Procrastination blamed on reading

  1. A bit of reading procrastination is healthy if you ask me. In fact, it is encouraged as part of a healthy diet. 😛

    I’ve heard a lot of great things about Gone Girl but have been hesitent to read it because it’s not my normal genre. I definitely want to read The Fault In Our Stars though so I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed it!

    When I have something I really need to do I actually get a friend or relative to hide my books that I am currently reading and not tell me where they are, that way, I can’t get distracted by them, lol.

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