Spring ahead nightmare

Last night (or early this morning) it was time to move the clocks forward one hour, referred to as time to spring ahead.  Of course here in the midwest springtime is an elusive season – much like a far away land that you can only reach after an arduous, perilous journey, and then it only lasts a short time.  This year spring ahead fell on a weekend when I have to get up early and spend nine hours at school (on a Sunday!).  Moving the clock ahead and having to get up early wasn’t the nightmare, it was the scary dream I had during the night that was the nightmare.


I’ve always had nightmares.  I think reading Stephen King and watching scary movies at far too young of an age is partly the reason for this.  My nightmares have the tendency to be fairly terrifying.  I’ve woken up several times with my heart racing and horrible thoughts going through my head, making falling back to sleep difficult.  I know the typical explanations for things that happen in a dream: being chased means avoiding an issue, death dreams mean the symbolic ending of something or attempts to resolve anxiety, etc.  However, why my dreams are always terrifying nightmares, I do not know.  If the meanings behind these dreams are true, why do they manifest themselves in such a disturbing way.  Before we got our first dog Bubba (the inspiration for this blog), I had been having increasingly terrible nightmares – ones where upon waking I was afraid to fall back asleep because they were so disturbing.  After we got Bubba my nightmares completely stopped for at least six months and then only returned sporadically after that.  Clearly, my subconscious was telling me I felt unsafe without a dog.  Bubba is no longer with us but we’ve got Otis now.  My nightmares have become more frequent lately. This could be a combination school ending this coming December and the abundant number of slightly scary T.V. shows I watch (The Walking Dead, The Following, etc.).  Whatever the reason, I’d like them to diminish in occurrence, especially when time is short and there are things to do.

How many of you are plagued by nightmares and do you think watching scary T.V. shows or reading certain types of books is the reason?  I’m not willing to give up the shows or books I love.  I’ve read too often that scary dreams can make a good book and maybe one day inspiration will hit.  Until then, to quote a Stephen King title “nightmare and dreamscapes” will keep me up at night.