Short Story Savior

The past several weeks have been crazy busy for me – mostly due to school and some big group projects sucking the life out of me and taking away precious reading time.  Luckily I found a great book of short stories by Manuel Gonzales called “The Miniature Wife, and other stories.”  This is the first book by this author and I found it truly enjoyable.  I thought all of the 18 short stories were well written and kept me engaged even though the content was brief.

The title story is about a man who works at a company that shrinks things and he one day accidentally shrinks his wife.  The ensuing repercussions of this make for an interesting tale of the struggles of a relationship.  The first story, “Pilot, Copilot, Writer” is about a passenger stuck on a plane that circles the city for twenty years.  A worst case scenario for those afraid of flying and also a disturbing picture of a life lived with limitations while watching and thinking of how those not on the plane continue below.  I particularly liked the five different stories about a person with “….A Meritirious Life.”  Each of these short and sweet stories were about a person and a certain talent or quality possessed and how their life was affected by it.  These five stories are quick and fast but so throughly written that the three or four pages seemed like a long, involved story.  The story titled “All of Me” was about the dichotomy of being a zombie but trying to live life as a human.  A zombie story with humor and sadness is always well worth it.

So, if you are short on time and are fighting the overwhelming need to read, I highly recommend this book.  You can read a quick story without taking a lot of time and still fulfill your reading fix.  I hope to see many more books by Manuel Gonzales.  If this collection of short stories is any indication of his potential, I’m looking forward to future reads.