I don’t understand Space

My husband is watching something on the Science Channel about space and black holes and some other stuff.  I like watching these programs but when they start to talk about super novas and double sun novas (or whatever it was) I get all confused.  I just can’t wrap my head around space – we are on a planet that is in a solar system surrounded by other planets and our sun is a giant star.  Black holes are all around us, life could exist on other planets, and Pluto was downgraded a few years ago.   I can’t grasp it, wish I could, but don’t have the brain for it.

One of the best series on space I’ve ever seen is Wonders of the Solar System and Wonders of the Universe hosted by Brian Cox.  Brian could explain the most complex things in the most simple way.  He has a clear love of science and made me love learning about it.  Even after watching these shows, I still don’t get space – how is it possible?  Someone, anyone – can you make it make sense for me?

Anyone else out there as mystified by space as I am?  Have you seen either the Wonders series and wish that your high school science instructor was as engaging as Brian Cox?  Live Long and Prosper!


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