Pathetic Blogging

Yes that’s me lately – the pathetic blogger.  I just looked at the last time I post something, October 6th, a month and a half ago :-(,  and thought: I’ve got to get better at this.  What’s my excuse to my lack of posts?  I’m in my last semester of school and it’s been the hardest one so far in terms of work load.  I work full-time and go to school every other weekend, leaving evenings and one weekend for homework.  This semester  has almost monopolized all my time when I’m not at work or school.  An example of one weekend’s homework: read a book, write a paper on the book,  describe a scene from the book that would make a good part of a movie and create a written storyboard, research a country, write a briefing paper on that country, create a personal strategic plan, write my section of a group paper from group member notes, after group paper has been formed in a rough draft, write the conclusion to the paper – and that is how it’s been this entire semester.

I enjoy my schoolwork but this semester does not leave a lot of free time.  Thankfully I’ll be done in two weeks and will have more time than I know what to do with (maybe I can make a dent in my massive “to read pile”), no doubt wishing I was as busy again.  So for those who follow my blog or who have stopped by to take a glance: I’m sorry for my pathetic output lately.  I should be up and running on what I hope to establish as a regular schedule in few weeks.  Until then, it’ll be back to working and doing homework and hoping I can make it through these next few weeks and a pathetic blogger no more.