Pathetic Blogging No More!

Well, at least I hope so.  I’ve finally done it and have finished with school.  I graduated yesterday, December 21st, and am now able to emerge from the foggy, educational abyss that I’ve been lost in lately.  My final semester was one of the hardest in terms of workload for me and I hardly had time to do anything other than work, school, homework, repeat, since September.  I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in marketing so I need to get in gear and start doing regular posts – I have no excuses now.

I actually have an associate degree as well (paralegal) that I got several years ago, but always felt like I needed something more.  I was able to find a school and a program that I believed was the right fit for me and three years later I’m done.  Now that my weeknights and weekends will be free to watch tv (once all the shows I watch return in January), read the ever-growing stack of books, and get caught up on the blogs I follow, I’ll have to figure out what else to do with all the free time I’ll now have.  One of the things I plan on doing is to start a regular posting schedule.  Not sure what that will be yet but know that it’s something I really need to do.  I’d love to hear what others do to keep to a regular schedule, since I haven’t been able to establish one for myself thus far.

So, here’s to no more pathetic blogging (hopefully).  Hope everyone out there has a wonderful and happy holiday!


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