The Following – Season 2… Still Following

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Well, six episodes into season two of The Following and so far I’d say the second season is Okay, not great, not bad, just Okay.

Turns out Joe didn’t die at the end of the first season (this was revealed before the 2nd season started so no secret).  He’s been hiding out at a pen pals place for the last year.  Ryan Hardy, after initially not dealing with the death of Claire very well, has turned things around and seems to be living a normal life.  And Mike Weston is still trying to get Ryan to open up to him.

Needless to say Joe has had enough of hiding and finally makes contact with Emma, which then leads to a reunion Emma didn’t think would happen.  Ryan spends the first few episodes almost falling for another blonde named Lily, to only discover that she is a new kind of follower.  Weston and Hardy are called in to consult for the FBI which eventually leads to Hardy giving Weston the trust he’s been working so hard to get.  Toss in Hardy’s niece and a new group of sociopathic family with Lily at the helm and you’ve got season 2.

Watching last night’s episode I started to think of Fox’s show 24.  I’m really thinking that The Following is similar to 24.  Instead of the inept CTU we’ve got the inept FBI; rather than Jack Bauer we’ve got Ryan Hardy.  Like Bauer, Hardy works outside the system he doesn’t trust.  Hardy has also taken it to another level in terms of taking people out, whether it be one or several,  Hardy Jack Bauers the hell out of people.   And finally,  rather than terrorists who are one step ahead of everyone, Joe and his new enemy Lily, are the ones who keep getting away.  Not sure if anyone else sees the similarities but that’s what kept popped up in my head.

So, overall, season 2 is Okay thus far.  Still deeply disturbing with sick, twisted people who make me question what’s wrong with me for watching this show.  If you like blood and gore and can put aside so of the ridiculous things that happen, this is the show for you.  I’ll keep watching since I’m inexplicably drawn to it and hope it will keep its slow,  steady rise in getting better with each episode.   Any one else out there a fan of The Following?

2 responses to “The Following – Season 2… Still Following

  1. This show first piqued my attention because I’m a fan of James Purefoy’s character from Rome. Funny story, I put a reserve on the DVD Season 1 out of curiosity but I must have got confused because I ended up with Following movie by Christoper Nolan haha. I haven’t watched The Following Season 1 yet, my curiosity has waned. If Season 2 gets better reviews maybe I’ll reconsider catching up on this series.

    • Purefoy and Kevin Bacon are both good in this. It’s just the over the top-ness of the show that gets in the way of itself. I’m hoping season two continues to improve since I like the overall concept of the show. Haven’t seen the Nolan movie but I think I recall reading your review of it. The movie sounds like it would be good.

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