The Intern’s Handbook – Be warned, the intern is out to get you!

Interns aren’t really interns.  They are working as such to hide their real job of being deadly, trained assassins.  Yup that’s right – that intern who doesn’t say much and kind of keeps to himself, he’s killed a whole bunch of people and is plotting to add one more body to his list.  So watch out before he unleashes his skills upon you!

That’s what Shane Kuhn would have you believe in his book The Intern’s Handbook – a humorous, witty, fast paced, and slightly emotional read that I really enjoyed.  John Lago who works for HR, Inc., a placement agency that secretly places assassins posing as interns, is set to work on his last job.  He’s hit 25 and the-mad-reviewer-reading-challenge-buttonin the intern world, 25 is old.  John’s last job is with one of New York’s most prestigious law firms and John needs to work his way up the ladder as fast as possible in order to filter out his main target from the top three partners in the firm.  As a parting gift, John has decided to leave his future fellow interns a handbook on how to be as successful as he’s been. Definitely not a run of the mill type of handbook, this one is far more interesting.

Lago provides a number of rules throughout the handbook – #3 Go Postal, #8 Jump, #13 Everything is a Weapon – and the back story to the rule.  The back stories are tales of prior hits and Lago’s overall bad-assedness.  Lago’s targets are all “really bad people” – human traffickers, sellers of witness protection lists, etc. – which makes him seem more of a sympathetic character.  John also gets involved with a coworker whom he comes to find out is also doing some pretending.

There are some unexpected twists towards the end of the book that gave the story that emotional jolt.  Overall a very enjoyable read – especially if you like your assassins to be on the likable side and to have a bit of a human element to them.  Not a deep book by any means, but one that I would recommend if you want a fun read.


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