2015 reading list, so far…

2015 is upon us and with that, I decided to go through my books and figure out which ones I haven’t read yet.  Turns out I currently possess 44 books that I haven’t read yet. Forty-four! A sample of some is pictured below. Cleary I have an issue with buying books before I’m ready to read them. Not only am I a reading addict, I’m also a book buying addict. This isn’t exactly a problem I want to cure, but one that I need to try and get under some semblance of control.

imageWho am I kidding. I’ll never get it under control. When a new book comes out that I want to read, I buy it. I’ve tried waiting but that never works. I want to have that first edition, first printing book. Not because I think it will be worth something one day, only because I’m compelled with forces beyond my control to have that brand new book.  There are other addictions that are far worse to have, so I’m happy this one isn’t a self-destructive one.

Obviously I have a lot of reading to look forward to this year.  Therefore, I once again am participating in The Mad Reviewer Reading Challenge. Last year I signed up to read and review 26 books.  Sadly I fell short of that goal and only read/reviewed 19 books. I read more than 19 books but I had a hard time doing a review for each one. Hopefully this year I won’t have the same problem and will meet my goal (which will be 26 again, no need to push myself when I fell short last time). Another goal I’ll give myself as part of this challenge is to read at least half of my current “to be read pile.”  Reading 22 from the stack I currently have seems like a reasonable goal, right? I’m hoping it is.

So, here’s to a lot of reading to look forward to in 2015! I’ll see how it goes, along with how many new books get added to the “to be read pile” this year.


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