Sick of being sick

Day nine of being sick. My abode is a festering cesspool of mutating super germs. I’ve come to the conclusion the apocalypse won’t be reanimated corpses, rather society being afflicted with endless days of illness.  Sapping every ounce of energy and destroying the will to survive.

Pathetic Blogging No More!

Well, at least I hope so.  I’ve finally done it and have finished with school.  I graduated yesterday, December 21st, and am now able to emerge from the foggy, educational abyss that I’ve been lost in lately.  My final semester was one of the hardest in terms of workload for me and I hardly had time to do anything other than work, school, homework, repeat, since September.  I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in marketing so I need to get in gear and start doing regular posts – I have no excuses now.

I actually have an associate degree as well (paralegal) that I got several years ago, but always felt like I needed something more.  I was able to find a school and a program that I believed was the right fit for me and three years later I’m done.  Now that my weeknights and weekends will be free to watch tv (once all the shows I watch return in January), read the ever-growing stack of books, and get caught up on the blogs I follow, I’ll have to figure out what else to do with all the free time I’ll now have.  One of the things I plan on doing is to start a regular posting schedule.  Not sure what that will be yet but know that it’s something I really need to do.  I’d love to hear what others do to keep to a regular schedule, since I haven’t been able to establish one for myself thus far.

So, here’s to no more pathetic blogging (hopefully).  Hope everyone out there has a wonderful and happy holiday!

Pathetic Blogging

Yes that’s me lately – the pathetic blogger.  I just looked at the last time I post something, October 6th, a month and a half ago :-(,  and thought: I’ve got to get better at this.  What’s my excuse to my lack of posts?  I’m in my last semester of school and it’s been the hardest one so far in terms of work load.  I work full-time and go to school every other weekend, leaving evenings and one weekend for homework.  This semester  has almost monopolized all my time when I’m not at work or school.  An example of one weekend’s homework: read a book, write a paper on the book,  describe a scene from the book that would make a good part of a movie and create a written storyboard, research a country, write a briefing paper on that country, create a personal strategic plan, write my section of a group paper from group member notes, after group paper has been formed in a rough draft, write the conclusion to the paper – and that is how it’s been this entire semester.

I enjoy my schoolwork but this semester does not leave a lot of free time.  Thankfully I’ll be done in two weeks and will have more time than I know what to do with (maybe I can make a dent in my massive “to read pile”), no doubt wishing I was as busy again.  So for those who follow my blog or who have stopped by to take a glance: I’m sorry for my pathetic output lately.  I should be up and running on what I hope to establish as a regular schedule in few weeks.  Until then, it’ll be back to working and doing homework and hoping I can make it through these next few weeks and a pathetic blogger no more.

Football vs. Football

Football vs. Football?  The second football refers to soccer.  I’m  a fan of both, but my interest in soccer has been taking precedence over football the past few years.  I’m getting less and less tolerant of the slow pace of football and can’t stand how a player who has one good game is instantly and forever a hall of famer.

In my morning class today we had to pair up with someone we didn’t know and interview each other in order to introduce the other to the class.  I interviewed a really cool girl who was originally from Albania and has lived in the states for about eight years.  One of the questions asked was “one thing that makes you unique that we’d remember about you.”  My eventual answer was I’m a big soccer fan.  Being a soccer fan in the states is hard.  For some reason American’s just don’t get the appeal of soccer.  This got us talking about what I liked about it, and one of the main reasons I love soccer so much is the passion that the fans have for the game.  American football definitely has its passionate fans, but soccer is different – soccer is in a person’s soul.  Soccer can be the life blood of some countries.  Didier Drogba, an player from the Ivory Coast who had great success on the EPL team of Chelsea, made a successful plea for peace when his country qualified for the 2006 World Cup, resulting in the first cease-fire after five years of civil war.  How can you deny the power of soccer when a country will stop fighting just for the World Cup?

My love for soccer has grown over the years.  I started out watching the international competitions.  The excitement of watching a country fight for a win was addictive.  I then started watching the English Premier League – considered to be one of the best soccer leagues in the world.  I love hearing the fans sing their team’s songs and the passion behind it was riveting.  I also love the constant action of soccer – two 45 minute halves with no time outs.  Yes there is stoppage time, there are times when players pretend a hit on the leg was worse than it seemed, and there are the habitual divers which drive you mad.  But the passion of the game is something that is undeniable, even through a T.V. screen.  About four years ago my husband and I were in England for a vacation and visiting a friend.  The 2010 World Cup was going on at the time and being in a county where soccer is loved was such a good feeling.  Being able to go to a pub and have the game on – and no was talking during the game! – was incredible.  Such a different experience from watching football here in the states where I avoid going to bars to watch a game since there is so much noise to distract you.

I’ll still watch American football – Green Bay being my favorite team since I’m a Wisconsinite – but soccer is my preferred version of football to watch.  Here’s to hoping the US can manage a win this Tuesday and qualify for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil!  What are your thoughts on soccer?  Ever been to an international game?

Back to school / back to posting

Wow – over a month since I’ve posted anything?  Well, I’m back.  I’ve started my last semester of school and it’s time to get off my butt and stop being lazy.  I have an associates degree but went back to school for my bachelors since I felt like I needed something more.  Blogging also gives me that “something more” that I feel is missing – a creative outlet where I can talk about things I enjoy (or not) and find others who do the same.  I don’t have an exact theme to my blog.  Mostly it’s T.V. and books, since those permeate my life, but other things will creep in.  Maybe with it being summer and the lack of good T.V. shows explains my absence, or maybe I’m just lazy.  Hope to be more consistent in the future, especially since I’ll be done with school in December and will need something constructive to do with the “free” time that will undoubtedly pop up.   Here’s to future posts and hopefully good content!