Spring ahead nightmare

Last night (or early this morning) it was time to move the clocks forward one hour, referred to as time to spring ahead.  Of course here in the midwest springtime is an elusive season – much like a far away land that you can only reach after an arduous, perilous journey, and then it only lasts a short time.  This year spring ahead fell on a weekend when I have to get up early and spend nine hours at school (on a Sunday!).  Moving the clock ahead and having to get up early wasn’t the nightmare, it was the scary dream I had during the night that was the nightmare.


I’ve always had nightmares.  I think reading Stephen King and watching scary movies at far too young of an age is partly the reason for this.  My nightmares have the tendency to be fairly terrifying.  I’ve woken up several times with my heart racing and horrible thoughts going through my head, making falling back to sleep difficult.  I know the typical explanations for things that happen in a dream: being chased means avoiding an issue, death dreams mean the symbolic ending of something or attempts to resolve anxiety, etc.  However, why my dreams are always terrifying nightmares, I do not know.  If the meanings behind these dreams are true, why do they manifest themselves in such a disturbing way.  Before we got our first dog Bubba (the inspiration for this blog), I had been having increasingly terrible nightmares – ones where upon waking I was afraid to fall back asleep because they were so disturbing.  After we got Bubba my nightmares completely stopped for at least six months and then only returned sporadically after that.  Clearly, my subconscious was telling me I felt unsafe without a dog.  Bubba is no longer with us but we’ve got Otis now.  My nightmares have become more frequent lately. This could be a combination school ending this coming December and the abundant number of slightly scary T.V. shows I watch (The Walking Dead, The Following, etc.).  Whatever the reason, I’d like them to diminish in occurrence, especially when time is short and there are things to do.

How many of you are plagued by nightmares and do you think watching scary T.V. shows or reading certain types of books is the reason?  I’m not willing to give up the shows or books I love.  I’ve read too often that scary dreams can make a good book and maybe one day inspiration will hit.  Until then, to quote a Stephen King title “nightmare and dreamscapes” will keep me up at night.


New Year Post

It’s a new year and I’m a few weeks into my reading challenge and sadly, I’m behind. I think all my favorite T.V. shows being on breaks has had the reverse effect and I’m reading less. I tend to read a book during the commercials and since many shows aren’t on right now, I’m not feeling compelled to read. I did get sucked into a 24 marathon, which was awesome yet stifling at the same time since it was on for three days in a row and ran without commercials! At least I’ve got a few more weeks left in my challenge. I’ve had to set one book aside and start-up another since the one I set aside wasn’t going as good as I hoped.

I hope everyone out there had good and festive holidays. I’m not one to make resolutions so here is what I’m looking forward to in 2013 –
completing the 8 week reading challenge
Trying to post more frequently
Reading more blogs and trying to comment on the ones I like – there are so many out there!
A night with the cast of The Walking Dead (in February – can’t wait to go to that!)
The return of all my favorite T.V. shows (please, please, let the wait be over soon)

Happy 2013 to everyone and thanks to those who have liked and/or followed me. It’s such a great feeling when someone enjoys what I’ve posted and I love to check out other blogs and find new ones to follow.

Unforeseen change

David Bowie said it best: “I still don’t know what I was waiting for, And my time was running wild, A million dead-end streets, Every time I thought I’d got it made, It seemed the taste was not so sweet… Time may change me, but I can’t trace time” Sept. 28th was the last day of the existence of the department I had been part of for the past 8 years. Leadership had decided that the best route for future direction would be to outsource the firm wide department. Needless to say, everyone was shocked. Two months after the initial announcement, I had a different position with the same company and was fortunate enough to have avoided being part of the outsourcing. Not the same for my co-workers. Most applied for and were offered jobs with outsourcing firm, a job yes, but belive me, not the best job offer. Others chose a different direction that suited them much better.

Regardless of the path that someone takes, it’s always hard to deal with change that you have no control over. Being told your department won’t be part of the company anymore can be life-changing. How one deals with the change is the most important thing. I can say everyone that was affected by this change, dealt with it in the best way possible. After the shock wore off, everyone thought of what they needed to do that was best for them and moved on. For me, it meant leaving my department and taking on a new role. This change was good for me – I had been thinking about looking for something different, I just hadn’t wanted it to be because someone else had pushed me in that direction.

The first time I recall an unforeseen change happening to me was during the summer right before my senior year in high school. My family had to leave our home in the suburbs and move out to a house in the country. I remember not being happy about this at all. I packed up my room about two days before we had to be out of our house and I was so angry. Being 17, I was a bit self-centered and couldn’t accept the change very easily. My senior year was very hard – a senior class of about 40 people who had known each other all their lives. And here I come, the girl from the city who looked and dressed different. Thankfully, most of the people I met were friendly and welcoming. I eventually adjusted, but didn’t stay in the country for long – moving back to the city about a year and a half after hs graduation.

This most recent change was just as abrupt as my senior year high school move. However, I dealt with it much better this time around. Yes, I was still shocked and angry, but I knew I couldn’t let the anger drive me this time. I hope others out there who had to deal with unforeseen change can find a way to make it work for them as well. It may offer a better opportunity or just a chance to learn about yourself and how you deal with things. David Bowie has made a career of change – I can only hope I’m as successful in my career of change as well.

Day one

First post, first thought – I’m tired, why did I start this at 10:00 at night?  Otis, who is my and my husband’s dog, is currently asleep, so I can’t look to him for inspiration.  Why thedailyopine?  Well, I wanted thedailyo, but that was taken, so I took the next best thing.  Little bit of a play on the O in Otis. Plan to post thoughts, feelings, or rants.  Some days Otis may take over and give his thought on the world as he sees it.  So, hope anyone finding and reading this blog enjoys and lives life as Otis – obliviously happy.