Confessions of a book hoarder

Hi, my name is Heather and I’m a book hoarder.

There, I’ve said it.  The first step is admitting you have a problem.  Mine (well, one of mine) is that I’m a book hoarder.  I love to read but I also love to buy books.  There are times when I’m taken over by a compelling need to go to the book store and pick up some new books.  I could be in the middle of reading a book that I love and don’t want to put down, but the need to buy new books completely takes over.  My “to read” pile is ever-growing – last count of the books I will actually read is about 15 (this is not counting the books I’ve bought and are in my I’m never going to read but I’m not getting rid of them pile).  I’ve even gone so far as to buy books that I already have, not realizing my error until a few days later when I go to read the book and it strikes me that I already have this book, and read it! Thankfully, this has only happened about three times.  I’m also not a fan of lending my books out.  I’m a bit OCD in terms of keeping a book in as nice of condition as I can.  I don’t dog ear the pages, if I have a paperback, I make every effort to not bend the spine, I don’t mark pages I love.   I’m compelled to keep the book looking nice and new, just like it was when I brought it home.

I’m not a e-book person.  I do think e-books are great and I truly see the lure of them and how much easier it would be to travel with one.  I just love an actual book – the look, the feel, the smell, all wonderfully addicting.  I love seeing the print an author chooses to use, the look of the paper the book is printed on, the weight of a good long book in my hands.  All of these give cause to possess books and to buy more.  I was at the book store just the other day and left regretting I only bought two.  The other three I didn’t pick up are calling my name right now, begging to be taken home.  I know I’ll be back again on Tuesday when another new book comes out that I just need to have.  Certainly, I’ll be compelled to buy at least one of the three that are screaming for a new home.

As far as addictions go, my guess is this is a good one to have.  I hope one day to have a library in my home for all my books rather than having massive piles of books in various rooms.  Until then, I’ll keep on buying with the hopes that one day I’ll catch up with my “to read” pile.

Anyone else out there a book hoarder?  Have you ever bought a book you already have?  Do you have the need to keep books in pristine condition?