Christopher Moore – In the Flesh!

Last week Thursday I had the excellent opportunity to go to an author event for Christopher Moore, who is making the rounds for his new book The Serpent of Venice.  Here he is talking about his book, the process of writing for this this book, and why he did another Shakespeare themed book.IMG_11212880656741

It was really interesting to hear him explain how he came up with the idea – all the connections and how they played out in his book.  It wasn’t too long of an event – about an hour of time from the author with about 15 or twenty minutes for questions from the audience.  One of the most entertaining answers from Moore was when someone asked if he had any advice for other wIMG_11176955065411riters. Moore’s reply was: “I’d tell you to be sure to attend to your customers and be sure they have their drinks.  Make sure you get their order right, etc.”  which he then explained was a snarky answer to you have do something else while trying get your book published.  He explained he didn’t sell his first book until he was about 33 (I can’t recall the exact age he said so that may be wrong), so if he did nothing else he’d have been homeless and maybe dead.  I thought that was a great answer that was honest and real.  Unless you are independently wealthy, then you could just focus on writing a book, but seems like most people need to work real hard at something else in order to make their main dream come true.

I haven’t had a chance to read his new book yet, but given I’ve loved almost every other book he wrote, I’m thinking I’ll like this one too.  I’ll post a review once I get to read it.  After the talk Moore signed and personalized the books, which was a great opportunity to meet him, briefly, one on one.

On the left is me getting my book signed (no, spring has not arrived where I live yet) IMG_11199676872215and on the right is the inscription. Another reason why this event was so much fun was that my best friend caIMG_11186581679176me down to attend as well.  She lives about a six hour drive away so I don’t get to see her too
often – bonus for me, seeing an author I love and my getting to spend time with my best friend!  I hope other out there have had the opportunity to see an author that they like in person and get a book signed.  It’s such a fantastic thing for fans and a great way to gain a bit more insight into the writer.

A big thanks to Christopher Moore for stopping in my city and for the local bookstore that hosted this event.  I’m looking forward to the next time he stops by!


Book Store Love and a Reading Challenge

Ahh – the bookstore.  So full of potential, so many books to buy and read, so easy to spend hours and hours there.

image from

One of my favorite things to do isto go to the bookstore, peruse the titles, and leave with hopefully at least three new books to read.  It’s almost as if I’m physically incapable of leaving the store without a book.  Every Tuesday, when a lot of th

e new books are released, I’ll check out the new releases and make note of which books I’ll need to pick up.  There are also the release dates of the books I know are coming out and will put on my calendar so I won’t forget.

There is just something about the vibe of a bookstore that makes me feel like it’s a natural place to be.  It feels as though it’s a scholarly place but not one that is full of pretense or will make someone feel inferior if they don’t know everything.  I’ve gone to the bookstore with particular books in mind and I’ve gone with absolutely no idea about what book I’ll want to pick up.  I’ll always find myself walking around looking through the different sections and the next thing I know it’s 2 hours later.  Sometimes I haven’t found anything and other times I’ll have a stack of books and will have to, reluctantly, decide which ones to put back since I don’t want to spend a massive amount of money.

The sad thing about bookstores is that there seems to be less and less of them. The advent of as well as e-readers and the ability to download books means fewer people are making a trip to the bookstore.   I read a brief article on stating the need for stores to evolve with technology.  While I do agree with that idea I also think we need to remember and experience the feeling of getting out and actually living the vibe of the bookstore.   It makes you feel alive and as though you are connecting with both the tangible (people, physical books) and the intangible (the story in the writer’s mind, the image in our head).

As part of my quest to keep bookstores in business and to have regular posts on my blog, I’m taking part in The Mad Reviewer 2014 Reading Challenge. I’ve signed up for the slightly sane reviewer challenge – read 26 books during 2014 year and review all 26 of them on mThe Mad Reviewer Reading Challenge Buttony blog.  The Mad Reviewer will check to be sure I’ve met my end of the bargain and, if so, I’ll be placed in a drawing.  I’ll be sure to mark any book reviews with the button to the right.  I’m adding my own little twist to this challenge – I’m going to make sure every book I read is bought from a bookstore.  Meaning, I must have gotten into my car, drove to the bookstore, and purchased the book from there.  No ordering on-line (which I don’t do too often) or borrow the book from anyone. My way of keeping brick and mortar stores in business as well as experience the awesome bookstore vibe in person.

So keep on reading but don’t forget about the rewards of the bookstore.   Physical books are great as well as visiting a place that temporarily houses those wonderful books.