Reading challenge – week three

On to week three of my 8 week reading challenge and I’m onto book four.  Finished Brain on Fire on Wednesday and have to say it was a very good book.  Susannah Cahalan’s pieced together recollection of month which she has no memory of is a very well written and engaging read.  Filled with details about the effects of an autoimmune disease that almost went undiagnosed, this book is compelling and scary at the same time.  I highly recommend it.

As for the reading challenge, after finishing Brain on Fire on Wednesday, I hadn’t read a single page of the other books until today.  It’s an odd occurence that happens now and again.  Usually I’m compelled to start another book as soon as I finish one.  However, this is one of those times where I just didn’t feel like it.  This was not due to the occasional “book hangover” – where you can’t start another book because you are still so wrapped up in the characters and story of the last – but more of a “I just need a break from reading” feel.  This is another distraction (if that’s the right word) to my reading challenge.  However, given I’m on to book four and am in the third week, things are still looking good.

Off to read some more.  I hope everyone can find comfort in a book, one way or another, and that it eases the mind.


Reading Challenge – Week Two

Starting week two of my eight week challenge and progress is good.  I’m onto book three – Brain On Fire – about 60 pages in and have to say it is excellent so far.  Brain on Fire is a true story about a 24-year-old who had a sudden and almost inexplicable illness that affected her brain in a shocking manner.  Luckily, one doctor comes in and diagnoses her with an autoimmune disease, essentially saving her from an uncertain future.

Feeling good about getting through two books in one week, but know that it won’t be the norm.  However, with many of my favorite T.V. shows going on “fall finales” I should be able to keep up a good pace.  I’m typically not one to set such specific goals for myself but I’m enjoying this one so far and am set on meeting my deadline

Hope any other challenges are as enjoyable, or at the very least, worthwhile.  Happy reading to all!

Eight week reading challenge

So, its been a while since I’ve posted anything – I think I’ve had bloggers block 🙂 Any way…I’m off of school for the next eight weeks and to give myself something worthwhile to do I’m going to try and read at least eight books in eight weeks.  Easy you say?  I think not. Between work, TV shows, and other distractions, it may prove hard.  However I will make every effort to read all eight (and hopefully more) within the timeframe and provide periodic updates.  Hope there are other worthwhile eight week challenges out there.Image