T.V Junkie

I’m a tv junkie. Sounds sad, but it’s true. I love to watch tv and almost always have it on while I’m home. Where did my tv obsession start? Around 4th or 5th grade – my parents bought tv’s for my sister and I to have in our rooms: then gave us basic cable! And the downfall began… The first tv show that I remember loving and “needing” to watch was on MTV in its heyday. MTV, back when most programming was actual music videos, aired a British comedy called “The Young Ones” The show was about four college guys living together and was completely insane. British comedy at it’s best. I watched a lot of tv from that time forward. I remember watching Stephen King’s Salem Lot and being absolutely terrified (I think that’s where my nightmares started). MTV was a staple for sure, but there were other shows always on.

Today, I’m still the same tv junkie I was back when I got that first tv in my room. I love BBC America and have fallen victim to the endless array of “reality” shows out today (can anyone say Bravo?). A few of my favorites today are Grimm (which is sadly being preempted tonight due to a local election debate, hence the post), American Horror Story, The Big Bang Theory, and The Walking Dead. Where are the reality shows? I’ll reserve those for another time (maybe).

Anyone else out there a tv junkie? I certainly hope so. TV is not all that bad, especially when one can find quality scripted shows. We all want to be entertained in some fashion; one of my main choices just happens to be tv.