Hater by David Moody – The Hate Apocalypse

You’re sitting next to someone you know and care about and suddenly they turn to you and have a look of pure murder in their eyes.  Next thing you 20140313_223401know, you’ve beaten that person to a pulp and they are no longer alive.  You don’t feel bad about in any way, after all, you’re a Hater.

That’s the overall idea for David Moody’s Hater, the first book of the Hater trilogy.  What seems to start out as a few incidents of people going a bit crazy and becoming violent soon overtakes and it seems like there are haters everywhere.  Haters – that’s what the general public calls people who act this way.  Everyone is terrified of them and no one knows who will become the next hater.  Things go from bad to worse with no one going outside for fear of being killed.  And then the military moves in – never a good sign.

I don’t know exactly what I think about this book.  It was fast paced and I liked how there were brief chapters focusing on a person’s change into a hater.  The main character is in a dead-end job and Moody does a good job of describing the hopelessness and frustration of the situation,  even if it’s the fault of that character.  I really liked the overall tone of the story – kind of snarky and those mean inner thoughts you want to express but don’t. The one thing I didn’t like was how long it took for the reason why people turned into haters.  The book was almost over before it was explained and the explanation wasn’t very in-depth.  I was really hoping for a bit more than what was provided.  Given this is a trilogy maybe more will be offered in the next two books.

A great story surrounds the publication of this book.  Moody self-published the book on-line several years ago and a few months later Guillermo del Toro bought the film rights.   Hater was officially published through Thomas Dunne Books a few years later.  A self-publishing success story!

I’m looking forward to reading the next two books and do hope more background is provided on what causes a person to become a hater.  For the time being though,  I’m content with being “one of them.”