Back to school / back to posting

Wow – over a month since I’ve posted anything?  Well, I’m back.  I’ve started my last semester of school and it’s time to get off my butt and stop being lazy.  I have an associates degree but went back to school for my bachelors since I felt like I needed something more.  Blogging also gives me that “something more” that I feel is missing – a creative outlet where I can talk about things I enjoy (or not) and find others who do the same.  I don’t have an exact theme to my blog.  Mostly it’s T.V. and books, since those permeate my life, but other things will creep in.  Maybe with it being summer and the lack of good T.V. shows explains my absence, or maybe I’m just lazy.  Hope to be more consistent in the future, especially since I’ll be done with school in December and will need something constructive to do with the “free” time that will undoubtedly pop up.   Here’s to future posts and hopefully good content!