Reading can be “A Dirty Job”

I had to travel for work this past week which has put me behind in my tv viewing for about the next two weeks.  Travel also caused a mini hiatus to the “daily” opine (don’t post daily, but at least try every few days).  Since I’m of the mind that any of my posts about tv should be done in a timely manner and I’m behind right now, I’m going with a different entertainment medium – books.   Books I love, in particular.  I do a fair amount of reading, not a “promiscuous reader” (per Michael Chabon), but a reader who always has a stack of books at the ready.  I tend more towards fiction horror, fiction literature, some YA, and fiction humor, but will read anything that I think would be interesting.

So, what book would I recommend to someone?  One that pops into mind is A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore .  Moore is an author with a quick wit and a bit of a twisted mind mixed with some humor.   He has several excellent books and A Dirty Job is my favorite.  The main character of the book, Charlie Asher, is a “normal” guy.  Not a leader but not quite a follower – more of a middle of the road kind of dude.  Charlie owns a second-hand store and his wife is expecting their first child.  Shortly after giving birth, his wife passes away which changes Charlie’s life in so many ways.  People start dying all around Charlie and he starts to belive he’s the grim reaper.  Charlie’s employees of the store play great sidekicks and bring additional twisted humor to the book.

I was surprised how attached I become to the character by the end of the book and had that “I’m happy I’m done but I really miss this book already” feeling once I finished.  I think that’s a great hallmark of a book – how attached you become to it and how you feel just a bit empty when reaching the end since this character is no longer in your life. Some characters make appearances in Moore’s trilogy of Blood Sucking Fiends, You Suck, and Bite Me, but you don’t really have to read those three before this one (please do though, all are fun reads as well!).

So, if you like some twisted humor with your fiction, I highly recommend this book.  Many more “books I love” reviews to come.  Hope to find some more great books out there by hearing from others and looking forward to many more great reads.