Woodbury is Scary

Rather than post a review of another great episode of Sunday’s The Walking Dead, I’m just going to state my theory on something: The Governor seemed a bit obsessed with Milton’s tea.  My theory is that Milton and the Gov are doing something to the tea with those floating heads in the Gov’s secret room.  Maybe trying to come up with a way to fight off zombieism by ingesting zombie fluids?  Kind of like the antivenom for a snake bite is venom.  Just a thought.  The Gov was so appreciative of Milton’s tea and he also looked at Andrea a bit oddly when she took a sip.  Most likely it’s absolutely nothing, but, a thought none the less.

Hope everyone else is enjoying this season of The Walking Dead as much as I am.  They came out swinging and haven’t stopped, even in an episode that didn’t feature the Grimes gang.