Vet visit

Took Otis (sometime guest dog blogger on thedailyopine) to the vet tonight and found out he has Spondylosis –  a degenerative condition in his spine.  He’s Okay and should be for quite some time, however, it will eventually get worse and will progress to the point where Otis won’t be able to walk.  These damn dogs – just break your heart and they don’t even know it.  Otis is 2 and a half, which the vet said is rather young to be having this, and it’s not really breed specific.  He is a bigger dog, which does makes him prone to more things.  Have to say I was a bit surprised.  Otis has the start of arthritis and I thought it would have been something more to do with his legs then his spine.

Our first dog and the inspiration for this blog, Bubba, had succumbed to an aggressive form of spleen cancer in 2009.  Bubba’s cancer came quick and fast and, given the progression of the cancer to his blood cells and heart, we decided to end his suffering.  That was such a hard time – it was right before Christmas and I cried every day for a month straight.  It took about 3 or 4 months before I emerged from what I believe was a mild depression.  Yes, I know Bubba was just a dog, but I was super attached to him and he was my big ol’ baby.  It is so easy to love a dog and so hard when they have to leave your life.  They can’t talk or tell you what is wrong but they are right by your side whenever you need them to be.

I’m hoping Otis’ future is a long one, even if it means he has some trouble getting around when he gets a little older.  Plan to have some swimming and possibly acupuncture in his future.  Dogs aren’t for everyone, but they are a big part of my live and I can’t imagine living without one. Here’s to hoping Otis has many guest blogger appearances and that he keeps on living life in his usual way – obviously happy.